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Private KYC Included
2 Shill leaders for 3 days Included
Preliminary marketing advice Included


Private KYC Included
AMA scheduling's Included
Influencer salaries NOT included
1 full business day Included
Usage of all of our pre-vetted influencers, complete turnkey package. We handle all appointments, content planning and scheduling Included


Private KYC Included
5 Shill Leaders for 7 days Included
Preliminary marketing plan Included
Reddit posts Included
Founding Members Club whitelisted for your project, guaranteed diamond handers! Included


Private KYC with referrals in our website! Can be used in multiple projects Included
5 Shills Leaders for 7 days, Reddit included Included
Full marketing plan Included
AMA scheduling Included
Full influencer package Salaries not included
Founding Members Club whitelisted, guaranteed diamond hands Included
Personal assistance 24/7 for 5 days, including 3 days before launch, launch day and 1 day post launch. Included
Access to all our tools in Mr. Shillz Salaries not included